Strike in France: GNTC asks the state and SNCF compensation 04/07/18

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The GNTC is asking the state and the SNCF compensation to cover the losses of operators, amounting to 15 million euros.

Too much is too much: for the GNTC, the cup is full with the decision of the CGT and Sud Rail to continue the strike together in July and August. What send a bad signal to shippers and manufacturers when, paradoxically, with the rise in the price of diesel, the economic context is rather favorable to the train. Anyway, according to the GNTC, the cost of the three months of strikes conducted until June 28 by the inter-union CGT, UNSA, SUD, CFDT is already more than "15 million euros in losses " For operators. The group chaired by Dominique Denormandie claims, therefore, but a little timidly, that "compensation processes for combined transport operators and carriers impacted by the SNCF and the State" should be studied ". he in a statement of June 25.

This amount of 15 million is the financial translation of the 1,150 trains canceled out of the 2,700 scheduled between the beginning of April and the end of May, for a cancellation rate of 58% . And when the shuttles were able to circulate, 10% of them showed delays included between "12 hours and 5 days"points the organization. During the strikes, Minister Elisabeth Borne finally announced, on June 8, the renewal for five years of the outgoing aid scheme. It should amount to 27 million euros per year. What to put the pill? Not sure.

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