CT Reference guide on Codification and Certification 11/04/11

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Most of the ITU (Intermodal Transport Units) in combined traffic, loaded on wagons or bogies, exceed the loading gauge of different european countries in their superior parts. Therefore their carriage has to be covered by the procedure of exceptional transport according to UIC leaflet 502 (Union International des Chemins de Fer). This procedure being very laborious, a relaxing of the rules was necessary.

In order to facilitate and to reliably speed up the traffic, a codification system of the different elements of combined transport has been introduced. This system guarantees the security of ITU operation, indicates their gauges and enables the identification of the owner.

The prescriptions of such a system can be found in the UIC leaflet 596-6 and apply to the ITU, carrier wagons and the (rail links). For several decades, this system, which guarantees a safe operation, has been applied by the various companies intervening in the combined transport chain. Those not wishing to apply this UIC 596-6 procedure must imperatively implement an organisation, which guarantees the same level of reliability.

In this context, the UIRR (Road-Rail International Union ), speaker and promoter of CT (Combined Transport), on the initiative of the Interunit Technical Commission, publishes the present guide for the use of the sector's actors.

The present document reflects the existing situation. Some UIC leaflets are in the process of revision, the content of some others is in the process of being transferred to CEN standards.

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