Study on the evaluation of various CT techniques 28/11/12

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The European Commission with its White Paper on Transport as well as Switzerland count on a traffic transfer from road to rail. UIRR has published a study which examines the conventional vertical transhipment of semi-trailers in comparison with three new techniques which have recently been often discussed: CargoBeamer and two variations of Modalohr.

The comparative viability study was carried out by KombiConsult on the example of the transport corridor through Switzerland across the Gotthard tunnel.

Conclusion of the study: the current Combined Transport system with standardised loading units (containers, swap-bodies and craneable semi-trailers) is by far the most economical system. The promotion of expensive special wagons is not an alternative for the upgrading of the Gothard corridor to 4m.

UIRR has publicly presented the results of the study on 28 November in Bern.

For the moment, the study is available in German only, an English version is in preparation and will be published on UIRR’s website early December.

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