Partnership HUPAC - T3M 2021 11/01/21

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Saint Jean de Védas, Thursday 07 January 2021

Press release       (download as a PDF below)

Connection of the Hupac and T3M Operators' networks between France and Italy


The Swiss Rail Operator Hupac and the French Rail Operator T3M are pleased to announce their partnership between France and Italy.

From 18 January 2021, this new collaboration will allow the connection of the T3M shuttle between Paris ó Novara (Milan Region) and the Hupac shuttles between Novara Pescara (Manopello) and Bari. The CIM terminal in Novara will serve as a connection platform for the shuttles from and to France and Italy.

Simplified flow of goods between France and Italy

By connecting their existing services, T3M & Hupac offer a reliable and regular rail transport solution covering a distance of more than 1,700 km between two European countries.

"In order to encourage the modal shift to rail, we need to develop transport solutions that meet the needs of our road haulage customers. Access to simple, reliable and regular transport, despite distance and borders, is what we are doing today thanks to our partnership with T3M", explains Alessandro Valenti, Director Shuttle Net West, of Hupac.


"It is all the more important to implement this type of partnership as the development of rail freight and more particularly combined rail-road transport is a priority. We are currently facing many crises, the most important of which is the climate crisis, for which land transport of goods through combined rail-road transport can provide a significant part of the solution. The complementarity of road and rail modes is the future of long-distance transport and it is up to us to facilitate access to it", adds Anthony Chérubini, Managing Director of T3M.



Hupac is the leading intermodal transport operator in Europe.

The Hupac Group's network comprises 150 trains per day with connections between the main European economic areas as well as with Russia and the Far East. The Hupac Group comprises 23 companies in Switzerland, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Russia and China.

Hupac was founded in 1967 in Chiasso. The company has around 100 shareholders. The share capital amounts to CHF 20 million. 72% is owned by logistics and transport companies, while 28% is held by railway companies, which guarantees market proximity and independence from railway companies.

Further information:

CONTACT : Irmtraut Tonndorf, Communication Manager / / Tel. +41 588558020



T3M is an operator of combined rail-road transport applied to continental and maritime flows.

The Company, created in 2000 by Jean-Claude Brunier, is today present on 10 terminals in France and 1 in Italy (Lille, Avignon, Toulouse, Bordeaux, Marseille, Fos sur Mer, Paris, (Bonneuil and Valenton), Nancy and Milan) and has a turnover in 2020 of 50 million euros.

The Company is part of the Open Modal Group, which also includes TAB Rail Road, a road freight carrier, BTM, a terminal operator and Open Rail, a rail company. The Open Modal Group has a 2020 consolidated turnover of €85 million.

T3M is a member of Astre and UIRR

Further information :

CONTACT : Jeanne Brunier, Communication Manager / / +33 (0)6 17 52 81 38

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