Deutsche Bahn Competition Report 26/10/18

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According to the DB Group's 2017 Competition Report (, both transport performance in the freight transport market as a whole and the volume of traffic generated by private railway companies have increased.

The competitors of Deutsche Bahn again gained market share last year. As a result, private competitors, as well as subsidiaries of foreign state railways, are far more successful than German railways, especially in freight transport. Within five years, DB Cargo's share of total rail traffic dropped from just under 75 percent to less than 60 percent (48.8 billion tonne-kilometers).

DB itself reported that freight transport performance rose once again compared to the previous year thanks to the good economic situation (+1.8%). While rail is at the previous year's level, the freight transport market is growing, mainly due to the increase in truck transport, which has risen by above the average (by 2.6%). Based on information provided by the Federal Statistical Office, Deutsche Bahn assumes that rail freight’s market share in Germany has increased from 17.4% in 2016 to around 19% in 2017.