Ambrogio to boost intermodalism further on 23/12/19

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Ambrogio to boost intermodalism further on

New investments in equipment focusing of international combined transport for the Italian pioneer

At the beginning of January 2020 Ambrogio Trasporti SpA will receive its new intermodal equipment, i.e. a double batch built in Turkey by the German supplier Kässbohrer: 15 light C45 profile swap bodies (3,900 Kg tare) among the lightest on the market; 30 Multimodal chassis with the possibility to load several types of units (swap bodies, box containers, reefers).

The double delivery will be added to the MTO’s fleet consisting of some 1,400 swap bodies and 400 chassis.

Moreover, the leading company in international combined transport is about to conclude another negotiation: ad additional order placed with Kässbohrer.

At the beginning of this year they renewed a successful 30-years collaboration. In fact, being Kässbohrer’s partner since 1991, in January 2019 Ambrogio added to its fleet 50 K.SHG L fixed light gooseneck chassis for light containers and 100 K.SWAU C curtain side swap bodies for eco-friendly intermodal transport.

In the past, Ambrogio had always used swap bodies with an external length of 12.5 m, before it invested in 100 Kässbohrer swap bodies with an external length of 13.6 m, which turned out to imply lower costs for storage and transport operations.

The new delivery of specialized equipment favours a virtuous transport cycle allowing for a 60% reduction of harmful emissions by transferring from trucks to trains cargoes travelling along international routes from Italy to Belgium, Holland, Great Britain, France, Spain as well as across Italy where distances are small, allowing for scale economies and optimizations of the loading/unloading operating cycle by opting for railways.

In 2019, company chairman Livio Ambrogio celebrated the first 50 years of intermodal activities of his company, which dates back to 1957, when Domenico Ambrogio established a road haulage company in Candiolo (Turin). In fact, the company still has an important headquarter in Piedmont, though its head office is in Gallarate (Varese).

“Transports play an essential role in Italian economy, but they are also one of the main sources of pollution, both in Italy and in Europe, increasing both climate change, air pollution and noise pollution.

On top of that, transports consume one third of the whole final energy in the EU, which mostly derives from oil. In other words, the transport sector is responsible for over a fourth of the total greenhouse gas emissions and, at least in the near future, this trend will not reverse”, started off Ambrogio Intermodal Chairman, whose group boasts 400 employees (200 in Italy) and a 75 million turnover in 2018.

“Cars, vans, trucks and buses produce over 70% of Co2 emissions generated by transports (according to the European Agency data of August 2019). This impressing percentage proves that road transport is becoming increasingly inefficient, from both an environmental and an economic perspective. Our company has always tried to favour railways as its transport mode for longer routes, choosing road transport only to collect and deliver goods locally. This ensured substantial savings in terms of time, as well as a significant pollution reduction”.

While the intermodalism market developed by transferring semi-trailers implying the inefficient and useless transfer of superfluous tare, Ambrogio Trasporti developed swap bodies and railway wagons combinations to increase the payload of its trains and keep the CO2/transported tons ratio at record levels.
“The design features of our equipment and the use of 13.60 meters swap bodies allow us to achieve filling rates for our trains at the top of our category, and to record an average 60% reduction of polluting emissions compared to full road transport”, Livio Ambrogio concluded.