Today's situation in Northern Italy:: Hupac's network fully functional 10/03/20

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Today's situation

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On 9.3.2020 the Italian government has extended the restrictions issued on 8.3.2020 to the whole national territory.

What does this mean?

  • People can travel only for working and urgent reasons
  • Goods can move, there are no limitations in place. See the official declaration
  • All leisure activities are banned or strongly restricted.


The good news

  • Our network is fully operational, all terminals are working as usual
  • Drivers in Italy have no restrictions. They just need a declaration issued by their employer - see example in download.

We need your help
Today we kindly ask you to help us. Please recommend your drivers in Italy to strictly follow the sanitary and behavioral prescriptions issued by the health authorities and disseminated in every terminal. Our terminals are organised in a safe and "contactless" manner. But we need the cooperation of all!

Many thanks to all who keep intermodal transport running in this difficult period!