RoLa subsidies on the Brenner route increased as of April 24/05/20

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RoLa subsidies on the Brenner route have been increased as of April


The Austrian subsidy rates for the Rolling Highway (RoLa) via the Brenner, which were raised at the beginning of April 2020.
---this will not result in unaccompanied combined transport (UCT) being cannibalized or trucks being relocated to German motorways pre- and post-haulage.

In December 2019, the EU Commission allowed Austria to increase the funding rates for consignments on the Rolling Road on the Brenner axis by up to 24% during the day and even 42% at night. The decisive factor for the permit was that Austria could use the new EU handbook on external costs of transport from 2019 to set higher costs for air and noise pollution from trucks on mountain routes.

The Federal Ministry of Transport (BMVI) predicts this in its response to a small request from the FDP parliamentary group. "The RoLa is used predominantly by smaller transport companies, for whom the handling of the transports in the UCT is out of the question due to the higher complexity," writes the BMVI.