Whereas the general strategy of the company and the translation of this into concrete policies is determined respectively by the General Meeting of Shareholders and the Board of Directors, specific commissions have been created or working groups put in place to deal with developments or particular problems; the first have a permanent character, the second tend to meet more in accordance with circumstances. 


The Technical Committee

 The oldest is the “Technical” Commission: since 1971 it has dealt with all matters of importance to the UIRR in respect of wagons, loading units, standards, maps/networks, and statistics concerning these. Its work is in preparation for and supplements that carried out in the same subject areas within the INTERUNIT Technical Commission.

The UIRR “Technical” Commission is responsible for a large number of achievements, and close behind in terms of achievements follows the Technical Commission of INTERUNIT, which is the meeting place and debating centre of the UIRR member companies and the member railway undertakings of the UIC Combined Transport Group; one of the best examples was the conception and development of the pocket wagon, which owes its success to its ability to draw not only semi-trailers, but also all other cranable ILUs.


The Operations Committee

The “Operations” Commission, for its part, takes care of the organisational aspect of the operation of wagons and of terminals and works on establishing the consolidated statistics for punctuality and reasons for deficiencies and developing and improving the documentation accompanying the consignments, the databases and identification of the ILUs.


Working groups

In 1998, the “Information Technology” Working Group was created in order to respond to the growing importance of the techniques used in the processing and transmission of data between UIRR member companies and between the latter and their suppliers or clients. The role of this Group is to manage the messages, the access to the internet and the interoperability of the systems set up within the various affiliated companies.
In 1997, events led to the creation of a “Dangerous Goods” Working Group which examines the equipping of the terminals and the various procedures and precautions designed to ensure safe and secure transport. The elaboration of informative brochures/leaflets numbers among its activities.
Other working groups of an ad hoc nature meet to draft texts or statements of views on specific subjects. By way of example a group of this type has in the past finalised the successive revisions of the Articles of Association of the UIRR and its communication/promotion policy. 
Participation in these commissions and working groups is open to any interested executive or expert from the member companies.The chairmanship rests with one of them, secretaryship being taken care of by the UIRR Office.