The International Co-ordination Committee for Road-Rail CT, better known under its acronym Interunit, is an informal association containing the UIRR member companies and the railway undertakings which are members of the Combined Transport Group (CTG) of UIC.

It is a product of the Joint Committee that the directors general of nine EEC railways of the period had created together with the UIRR companies at the Hague in 1976, of which the object was to draw up a “Catalogue of Principles and Demands”, a sort of handbook of the subjects which the debates between these two groups as well as with the national and international authorities were intended to deal with.

The object of the International Committee is to study and co-ordinate the CT activities between its members with the aim of harmonious development of this system of transport at European level.

It is a consultative body within which the general policy problems of CT, the experiences obtained, the technical and operational developments and the possible differences of opinion are debated in an informal manner.

The Articles of Association were updated recently on 21 June 2006 on the occasion of its annual meeting held in Vienna.

Its structure is as follows:


A general Committee

A General Committee, a plenary assembly including all the members (approximately 40). The Chairman, appointed in each case for two years, is currently Mr. Eric Lambert (CFL).


A Liaison Committee

A Liaison Committee now composed of twelve persons, six from the rail sector, and six from the UIRR. These are as follows:

UIRR Operators RUs
Mr. Robert Breuhahn (Chairman UIRR
Mr. Eric Lambert (Chairman)
Mr. Burkhardt
Mr. Bagnasco
Mr. Dirnbauer
Mr. Fischer
Rail Cargo Austria
Mr. Howald
Mr. Laverny
Mr. Le Petit
Naviland Cargo
Mr. Prokschi
SBB Cargo International
Mr. Mélard
Mr. Schulz
DB Intermodal

Specific Commissions

  • Technical:  Chairman Mr. M. Burkhardt
  • Operations: Chairman Mr. E. Lambert


A secretaryship

A secretaryship held by a member not belonging to the same group as the president. Currently this position is held by Mr. Eric Feyen (UIRR).

In the course of the recent revision of the Articles of Association, the possibility was created of linking the representatives of the infrastructure managers’ sector to specific jobs so that they can be processed by the three most important groups in the operation of CT.