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Kick-off year : 2005 Title : Intermodal Security for Combined Transport Terminals Programme : Marco Polo Status : Completed

Intermodal transport is featuring new challenges, as after the terrorist attacks of September 11th in New York and further tragic events also inEurope , more security measures are requested by the authorities. These measures will burden Combined Transport (CT) with additional costs. CT is in heavy competition with through-going road transport and therefore it is of vital interest to improve security without hampering its economic vitality.

In this project, a number of major European CT and terminal operators such as Adria Kombi (SLO), Cemat (I), Hupac Italia (I), Kombiverkehr (D) and Novatrans (F) are applying to:

  • develop and examine effective procedures in order to increase security
  • set up an information campaign
  • set up and test of a training program for the staff of these operators and combined transport customers
  • develop specific EDI tools for supporting the security measures, which have been put in place.

Higher safety and security are competitive arguments in favour of CT, especially for the market segments of dangerous and high value goods. It’s the objective of this project to take the challenge to turn the necessary measures and adaptations of procedures into a competitive advantage for CT in order to shift more traffic from road to rail.

On the 4th July 2007 in Brussels the final workshop of the project has been organised in the premises of the European Economic and Social European Comitee (EESC). About fifty participants representing the whole sector (TC operators and clients, national and European authorities, infrastructure and terminal managers and other associations) have attended this workshop.

The final workshop has allowed to report on the results concerning risk analysis, the implemented new measures, the EDI support tools and the training materials.

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