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Kick-off year : 2006 Title : Cluster Of User Networks in Transport and Energy Relating to Anti-terrorist ACTivities Programme : 6th Framework Program Status : Completed Link :



COUNTERACT focuses on the protection of critical transport infrastructures, public transport passengers and goods. It aims to support the transport and energy sectors by assessing the state-of-the-art and identifying, prioritizing and assessing the needs for security policies and concrete measures.

COUNTERACT will contribute to:

  • Improving the knowledge and understanding of current terrorist threats and related risks for the transport and energy sector,
  • Collecting available experience and existing best practices;
  • Establishing a sound collaboration with police, security, emergency and military services including a framework for co-operation of public and private institutions;
  • Identifying existing gaps of knowledge and lacks in legal provisions, policies, procedures, tools, technologies and standards;
  • Providing targeted solutions in framework of targeted studies;
  • Elaborating recommendations for measures to enhance protection of infrastructures and to improve preparedness and response to crises as well as future legislative initiatives and RTD activities;
  • Specification of needs for education and training;
  • Recommendations to assist policy and legislative processes.

The Thematic User Group (TUG) for the Freight Transport Cluster is led by the UIRR and includes freight transporters; freight terminal, -parking and -depot operators; air cargo handling companies; freight forwarders; 3rd party logistics providers; warehouse operators; and Customs as well as other authorities (police, security, intelligence, anti-terrorist, etc.).

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