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Kick-off year : 2005 Title : Towards new Rail freight quality and concepts in the European Network in respect to market Demand Programme : 6th Framework Program Status : Completed Link :

TREND acts as a preparatory project for two coming “Integrated Projects” (IP) dealing with “new concepts for trans-European rail freight services”. The project consists of two main parts (corresponding to part A and B of the EU FP6 Call 2A):

Part A

  • Gathering of information to asses the general progress in the establishment of an European railway area (implementation of change)
  • Developing of an evaluation scheme for integration and interoperability ready to be exploited by European Railway Agency (ERA)

Part B

  • Recommendation of corridor specific conceptions of innovative actions towards seamless European rail freight services
  • Selection of suitable corridors for demonstration in the framework of the envisaged Integrated Projects
  • Create synergy effects with ongoing activities:
    - ERTMS corridors (MoU of March 2005 between EC, UIC, CER, UNIFE and 
    - Trans-European Transport Network (Rail)
    - UIC Infrastructure Masterplan
    - RU business plans …