Rail Freight Priorities - HUNGRAIL Conference 13/03/24

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Rail freight priorities - what does the sector expect in 2024? – Budapest, 13th of March 2024

The HUNGRAIL Hungarian Railway Association returns to host an event focusing on the rail freight sector, aiming to create an open, honest professional platform, formulating key points and promoting effective sectoral cooperation in a half-day timeframe, jointly analyzing the opportunities and risks of the current operating environment, in order to avoid a reverse modal shift.

Rail Freight Market Overview 2024 – from the perspective of industry leaders

A review of the prospects of the sector with the top executives major domestic rail freight and forwarding companies and an exploration of what factors influence this year's expected performance.

Business Insights: Optimal rail logistics in Hungary

Leading railway experts share their experiences in a roundtable discussion and highlight the breakout points that could increase the competitiveness of rail freight transport or hinder growth:

Best practices for efficient rail freight;
How companies position themselves at home and in the regional market;
What influences a successful business;
Current performance of the sector;
Next steps to address issues;

Development priorities;

New trends in the decarbonization of the rail freight sector:

The role of rail in European policy for efficient and environmentally friendly transport;
What can combined transport operators expect from the state side;
practical application of intermodality in rail freight;

How the switch to intermodal freight transport can save costs and carbon emissions;
Terminal connections;
How intermodal transport can achieve a breakthrough

More Information can be found here: Hungarian Railways Meetup - magyarvasut.hu