UIRR Newsletter issue Q3.2016 22/11/16

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In this issue:

  • Commission Strategy for Low-Emission Mobility
  • Transport is the biggest CO2 emitter
  • Mid-year data: 2016 hottest year
  • Record cartel fine for truck makers
  • Dieselgate signals engineering limits
  • Study on CO2 reduction through ITS
  • Minimum wage enforcement on roads
  • 8 states launch labour complaint
  • Chronic truck driver shortage
  • New German infrastructure plan
  • Rail freight-related UK best practice
  • ECA Report on maritime spending
  • Principles to design taxation system
  • Quality indicators,transparency on rail
  • Eurostat delivers intermodal data
  • Ireland commits to equalising fuel tax
  • Innotrans report
  • Personnel News
  • Members' News
  • Key Dates & Events
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