Reinforced financing of rail in Switzerland 21/12/22

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The Swiss government, the Federal Council, wants to strengthen the investment capacity of the SBB and clarify its financing by the federal government. Furthermore, the expansion of the railway infrastructure is to be ensured by providing the railway infrastructure fund (BIF) with sufficient liquidity. Therefore, the federal law on the Swiss Federal Railways (SBBG) is to be changed; the consultation on this was opened on December 16, 2022. It lasts until March 31, 2023.

On the one hand, the proposal is intended to ensure that SBB is financed in compliance with the debt brake. On the other hand, to reduce net debt, the basis for an extraordinary funding contribution to the SBB should be created. The amount of the contribution is based on the losses suffered in long-distance traffic between 2020 and 2022 and should be a maximum of CHF 1.25 billion. And the liquidity of the BIF is to be provided by an adjustment to the Heavy Vehicle Tax Act (SVAG): the federal share from the heavy vehicle tax (LSVA) should flow completely into the BIF until its reserves amount to at least CHF 300 million.