Tyrol block handling: number of dates in H1 2024 to remain at 24 16/08/23

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Source: https://trans.info/en/block-handling-2-358542


The Tyrolean Government has agreed the number of days in which block handling will apply in the first half of 2024 shall be the same as this year.

Gregor Gowans

Journalist Trans.INFO

Tyrol block handling: number of dates in H1 2024 to remain at 24
Photo: MartinPutz, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons


This means that between January and June 2024, only a certain number of trucks will be allowed to cross the border near Kufstein on 24 days.

In addition to the block handling itself, further work is being done in Tyrol, Bavaria and South Tyrol on the development of a digital traffic management system.


“The block handling has proven itself over the past five and a half years as an effective emergency measure to ensure traffic and supply security in Tyrol,” claims Governor Anton Mattle, commenting on next year’s plans.


Transport Provincial Councilor René Zumtobel has also backed the measure, arguing that there is “no alternative”.

Last year saw 2.56 million trucks journeys through the Brenner Pass. The block handling calendar has been created on the basis of a traffic simulation model that anticipates what the busiest days of the year will be.

Unfortunately Zumtobel has also been quoted as saying that due to future construction work on the Brenner route, “the situation will probably get worse in the future, which can lead to an increased need for block handling.”