EU Commission approves 180 million euros for Polish intermodal transport 27/03/24

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Author: Dennis van der Laan



EU Commission approves 180 million euros for Polish intermodal transport


The European Commission (EC) has approved 180 million euros in funding for intermodal transport in Poland. The investments will be funded from the EU’s Recovery and Resilience Facility.

According to the EC, the aim of the funding is to develop intermodal transport as an alternative to road transport by increasing its competitiveness. The 180 million euros will be allocated in the form of direct grants and can cover up to half of eligible costs. The scheme will run until 30 June 2026. Companies that are looking to start intermodal transport projects in Poland are eligible for funding.

The funding is supposed to have an ‘incentive effect’. Without public support, companies would not carry out the desired investments. The scheme will help to reduce road congestion and reduce pollution, according to the EC.

Market survey

In early March 2024, a market survey among freight forwarders, rail operators and customers in Poland revealed that road transportation is outcompeting rail in the country.

According to the respondents, rail is simply more expensive than road transportation. Road transportation gets disproportionate access to infrastructure, and rail infrastructure is also lacking. Additionally, the rail sector faces additional costs for the use of railways and other formal requirements, leading to reduced competitiveness.

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