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Anfangsjahr : 2015 Titel : Eisenbahninfrastruktur (Last Mile Studie) Programme : EU Studie Status : Beendet

The structure of the European rail freight market has profoundly changed over the past decades and road competition is further increasing. This situation is particularly challenging for last-mile operations. An easy and quick access to information about last-mile infrastructure for rail freight would improve service planning, in particular across borders.

Study on “User-Friendly access to information on last-mile infrastructure for rail freight”

DG MOVE has therefore taken the step to support the market with a customer-oriented web-based portal offering all the necessary information on last-mile infrastructure, be it terminals, industrial sidings, stations, shunting yards etc. through the study on “User-Friendly access to information on last-mile infrastructure for rail freight” (Contract MOVE/B2/827-2013). Project partners are HaCon and UIC supported by UIRR, Triona and IT Kreativa.

How should a web-portal on last-mile infrastructure information look like?

In the context of this study two stakeholder workshops have been organised in order to assess market actors’ information needs as well as further requirements for the platform design. In order to consolidate the findings of the workshops and to develop a common view on how such a portal should look like, an online questionnaire has been developed.



The prototype - publicly available - is available on the following address:



Market actors’ view consolidated with the help of a 10-minutes-online-questionnaire!

You are interested in using or providing information on last-mile infrastructure for rail freight? Then it is very much appreciated if you gave 10 minutes of your time to answer the online questionnaire that is accessible on the UIC website until 3 July 2015 under the following link: