COVID-19 Update - EU Combined Transport

This page brings the latest updates regarding the measures taken with regard to COVID-19.


Our Combined Transport Operators are constantly keeping us up-to-date.

  • Download their infoletters, national recommendations, etc., below

Intermodal transport has the unique ability to transport any type of cargo through the use of a diverse range of intermodal loading units: tank containers for liquids, refrigerated containers for perishables, craneable semi-trailers and 45-foot containers for diverse products, 20-foot swap-bodies for less-than-truckload quantities. Combined Transport can fill a freight trains with various different kinds of cargo to travel in the same direction. The capability for road positioning on the first/last mile means that intermodal freight connection between any point of origin with any final destination is possible.


As most DG courses have been cancelled and the possibility for tank tests is limited in these times, several multilateral agreements as to how to continue have been initiated.

It’s RID 1/2020 and ADR M324 concerning the Safety Adviser AND drivers certificates and RID 2/2020 and ADR M325 concerning the periodic and intermediate inspection of tanks AND RID 4/2020 and ADR M327 concerning of the periodic and intermediate inspection of gas containers..

The RID agreements can be found on OTIF homepage (please check if your country has signed the agreements!!)

The ADR agreement can be found on UNECE homepage (also here, please check if your country has signed the agreements).

These pages are updated concerning the countries who sign the agreements - available in several languages.


EU waste shipment & COVID-19 - click on image or download document below

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