Rail Facilities Portal




The Commission funded the development and deployment of the European Rail Facilities Portal – RFP in short (https://railfacilitiesportal.eu/). The Portal became operational in 2019 and was taken over by RNE with the support of UIRR.

For two years (covering the period 2021-2022), the current running costs of the portal are fully covered by an EC grant agreement in which RNE and UIRR are co-beneficiaries. After this period, the RFP is expected to be economically self-sustainable without the intervention of the EU Commission.

For this reason, RNE and UIRR have jointly selected the French company Talan Consulting to carry out a market study on the RFP portal with the following two main objectives:

  1. analyse and evaluate the business needs of all relevant stakeholders and
  2. recommend the best possible business scenarios and models.


LINK TO SURVEY: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/JC7TXZN (CLOSED)