ITF - Transport and Energy - Climate Change - Leipzig 28/05/08

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The first International Transport Forum will be organised in Leipzig between 28th and 30th May 2008 on the theme 'Transport and energy: the challenge of climate change". During this Forum, discussions are foresen on the following subjects:

  • Securing and improving the access to energy for transport.
  • Introducing Energy-Efficient Technology and Alternative Fuels
  • Implementing Integrated Planning Policies

Specific workshops will be also organised on the technolgy advances in the transport sector, on the consequences of the transports' development in the emerging countires as fas as greenhouse effect is concerned, on the CO2 emissions of the freight transport and on the change of behaviour in the passenger traffic.

The UIRR will have its own stand during the whole exhibition. Mr. Colle, Director General, will represent the interests of our Association.

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