UIRR Statistics 2007 06/06/08

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The UIRR publishes since more than 30 years figures on the volume transported by its member companies.

Since 2004, the UIRR figures distinguish the two specific Road-Rail CT markets: the unaccompanied and accompanied transport.

The UIRR expresses the volumes of traffic processed by its member companies in terms of “consignments”, which corresponds to:

  • one semi-trailer, or
  • two swap bodies of <8.30m (or 20' container) and <16t, or
  • one swap body of >8.30m (or 30', 40' and 45' container) or of >16t, or
  • one road train or one articulated vehicle on the rolling road.

In other words, one UIRR consignment corresponds to the transport capacity of one lorry on the road (equivalent to 2.0 EVP/TEU). A TEU (twenty-foot equivalent) is a unit of measurement corresponding to an ISO container of 20 feet in length (6.10m), used to express traffic capacities or flows, principally in the maritime transport sector.



Semi-trailer Swap body & Container
RoRo vehicle
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