Newsletter issue Q1-2015 24/04/15

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In this issue:

  • Directive 96/53 adopted
  • Noise Differentiated Track Access Charge Implementing Act published
  • Report on European Combined Transport
  • Transport White Paper review
  • French rail reform and state support for Combined Transport
  • Gotthard Tunnel completion and Swiss track access charges
  • Italy ratifies COTIF
  • SNCB Logistics partially privatised
  • China's railway strategy in Europe
  • Cargosped inaugurates China train
  • ILU-Code News
  • Alternative technologies in CT
  • New Member: CFL Intermodal
  • New Member: Cargo Terminal Enns
  • New Member: Europa Multipurpose Terminals
  • Recent Appointments
  • Members' News
  • Key Dates & Events
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