Position paper: Railway Market Monitoring 23/01/14

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Three parallel proposals of the European Commission aim at improving the statistics collection of the European railway sector, which is enthusiastically greeted by UIRR . Seeing clearly and shedding light on the most important details is essential to gain adequate understanding of the problems, to improving the quality performance, and ultimately to devise the right regulatory measures.

The three actions of the European Commission are:

  • Updating of the RMMS questionnaire - in a Commission implementing act - under mandate contained in Directive 2012/34
  • Recast of Regulation 91/2003 on Rail Transport Statistics.
  • Revision of the Implementation Handbook of European Rail Freight Corridors under Regulation 913/2010.

UIRR is strongly supportive of these efforts. Moreover, it has provided a number of additional enhancement ideas in its position paper1 on the topic unveiled today. These involve the monitoring of

i. private investment into railways,
ii. proportion of locomotives controlled by incumbents,
iii. development of timetable speed and punctuality of actual freight trains,
iv. freight traffic in domestic, border-crossing and international breakdown, as well as in
v. distance breakdown: less than 300km, over 300km but less than 800km, over 800km
vi. safety performance of freight trains (statistics separated from passenger trains)
vii. punctuality upon departure, as well as punctuality upon arrival (along Corridors), and
viii. average timetable speed for timetabled freight trains along Corridors.

The UIRR statistics service, which goes back to the founding of the organisation, has also been upgraded recently with the inclusion of terminal specific data. Further enhancements to UIRR's industry statistics gathering and reporting will be initiated to even better complement the official European rail statistics programmes.

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