Directive 92/106 amendment: Aiuto Report 16/05/18

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This paper reflects the position and proposed amendments of UIRR, the industry association of the European Combined Transport sector, to the Draft Report on the Amendment of the Combined Transport Directive (92/106) prepared by TRAN Committee Rapporteur, Daniela Aiuto.

UIRR would firstly like to thank the members of the European Parliament Transport and Tourism (TRAN) Committee, and its Rapporteur’s and Shadow Rapporteurs’ excellent work that has gone into the drafting of the Report.

Simultaneously, praise should go to the co-reporting of the Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety (ENVI) and its Rapporteur, Michel Dantin2, as well as to Stefan Back, Rapporteur of the European Economic and Social Committee for his referral titled “Combined transport of goods”.

The TRAN Draft Report proposes 47 amendments to the original Commission Proposal of 8 November 20174. Of the 47 amendments, UIRR:

  • endorses without comments: 275
  • endorses while attaching comments: 176
  • proposes changes to: 37

Most importantly, UIRR wishes to emphasise the importance of maintaining the legal equivalence of international (intra-EU) road haulage and international (intra-EU) combined transport operations (Article 4).

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