UIRR Press release: Directive 92/106 amendment: a good proposal 23/01/18

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UIRR Press Release: Directive 92/106 amendment: a good proposal

UIRR, the industry association of European Combined Transport Operators and Terminal Managers, has completed its analysis of the European Commission proposal to amend Directive 92/1061 and developed its position regarding it2.  The analysis revealed no fundamental or conceptual shortcomings, however, several suggestions have been formulated to complement and to further enhance the Commission proposal.

Accordingly, UIRR suggests to

  • further advance the alignment of the definition of ‘combined transport operation’ with the definition of ‘intermodal transport operation’ as contained in Directive 2015/719 (weights and dimensions)3;
  • include in the definition (craneable) semi-trailers carried by vehicle combinations with a gross weight up to 44 tonnes for road/rail combined transport;
  • enable the free allotment of the total distance permitted for the positioning road legs by the designer of the ‘combined transport operation;
  • add requirements that Member State authorisations to exceed the maximum permitted distance for the road legs be reasoned, to be granted for a fixed time period and have to be communicated to the European Commission for publication;
  • divide the information to be provided with a shipment for enforcement purposes in accordance with availability and complying with the level of digitalisation in the sector, while calling for ex-post rectification of any suspected irregularity;
  • implement data collection based on a delegated act preceded by close consultation with the sector to digitalise the data reporting to the utmost and to support effective reporting to reduce the administrative burden as far as possible;
  • include reference in the biannual Member State Report to the underlying policy aims to be ultimately achieved via supporting Combined Transport.

The provisions to create a single European database with all relevant information on the implementation of the Directive – on state aid provisions, temporary authorisations to exceed the road leg, and the Competent Authority for Combined Transport – are strongly applauded as helpful to the sector.  Similarly, the state aid to develop new terminals and to upgrade existing ones is also to be welcomed.

UIRR will continue work to help create a legislation that releases the full potential of intermodality in long(er) distance freight transport to the benefit of the European society, the Continent’s economy and the environment at large.

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