UIRR press release: eFTI Regulation - a proposal to be endorsed 07/09/18

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eFTI Regulation: a proposal to be endorsed

The European Commission unveiled its proposal1 for a new regulation – concerning electronic Freight Transport Information – as part of the Third Mobility Package on 17 May 2018.  The Regulation would oblige Member States to compel their authorities to receive and process freight transport-related information in electronic form.

UIRR, having analysed the proposal, endorses the ultimate aim of the proposed new regulation – as stated in the position paper2 published today.

The implementation of the regulation will require

  • A common eFTI dataset (to be defined in a Delegated Act)
  • Common procedures and technical rules (to be defined in a Delegated Act)
  • eFTI Platforms and service providers (to be defined in a Delegated Act)
  • Substantial investments by transport stakeholders and
  • Substantial investments by the relevant Member State authorities

UIRR wishes to draw attention to the challenges of the initiative:

(i)         the need to develop the related delegated acts in a professional and timely manner with the close involvement of sector stakeholders, and

(ii)        the absolute commitment of Member States to implement these in earnest, including the funds needed for the relevant authorities to develop the capabilities to receive the electronic information.

Achieving a tangible return within a foreseeable timeframe will be essential to convince the transport and logistics sector to dedicate the considerable resources required to develop its digital capabilities to facilitate the shift and, ultimately, to realise the savings for the entire economy envisioned by the European Commission.

* * *

1 https://ec.europa.eu/info/law/better-regulation/initiatives/ares-2017-2546864_en

2 http://www.uirr.com/en/media-centre/press-releases-and-position-papers/2018/mediacentre/997-uirr-position-paper-efti-regulation-a-proposal-to-be-endorsed.html

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