UIRR Roadmap for an effective Digital Transformation in CT 10/10/19

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Roadmap for an effective Digital Transformation to advance Combined Transport in Europe


Purpose of the document

This executive paper is a short version of the salient arguments expressed in the ‘UIRR Roadmap for an effective digital transformation to advance Road-Rail Combined Transport in Europe’. The UIRR’s Roadmap builds on a concerted effective digital transformation of all key stakeholders’ capabilities. The approach aims for fostering self-enforcing momentum within the UIRR member companies, shippers, logistics service providers and initiatives of the EU commission towards one digital Combined Transport market. Through more and better use of information supported by coordinated standardization components, the targeted results are to achieve improved competitiveness of Road-Rail Combined Transport with feasible investments into capabilities required to meet end-customers’ future needs and requirements.

This concise version sketches the approach by highlighting the following aspects:

(1)     the real benefits of the digital transformation

(2)     the key drivers and stakeholders’ needs influencing the Combined Transport ecosystem

(3)     the enhanced envisaged digital vision for Combined Transport and

(4)     the proposed roadmap covering now up to 2025.


Importance of Combined Transport

Road-Rail Combined Transport (CT) joins together the advantages of these two land transport modes to offer a reliable and economical (inter)continental service. The cargo is packed into an Intermodal Loading Unit (ILU), which may be a maritime container, continental swap body/non-ISO container or (craneable) semi-trailer. The ILU is transferred from one mode to another at specialised transhipment facilities (CT terminals), well-equipped for the efficient facilitation of this exchange between road and rail. European Road-Rail CT is a continuously evolving market with an average yearly growth of 7% since the nineties.

The total volume of Road-Rail CT in the EU amounted to more than 17.2 million TEU (about 34 million UIRR consignments) in 2011; the gross tonnes lifted achieved nearly 185.8 million, while traffic performance expressed in tonne-kilometres is estimated at around 115bn. UIRR and its member companies, the CT operators and the terminal operators, represent today about 50% of the total transported and shifted volume.

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