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Freight One shifts to flat wagons and containers

After more than a decade of transport services based on open and covered wagons, Freight One, a major private rail freight operator in Russia, is gradually shifting to flat wagons. Among the company’s latest developments is the rail shipments of open top containers to China.

Freight One has successfully delivered the first rail shipment of open top containers from Zabaikalsky Krai to China. To this end, the company used 62 own 40-foot flat wagons, which were specially modernised at the Gryazi wagon repair enterprise fully owned by Freight One. By the year’s end, the operator intends to add 1,900 retrofitted flat wagons to its fleet.

Illustrative image. An open top container, source:

“As part of the development of customer service, Freight One is expanding the possibilities of using rolling stock for transporting goods in containers. In particular, we decided to adapt 40-foot flat wagons for such shipments and in June already performed the first shipment transportation by using this type of rolling stock: we delivered the partner’s products in open top containers from the station of the Trans-Baikal Railway to China,” explained Olga Krysina, director of the Krasnoyarsk branch of Freight One.

A new era for Freight One

A new era started for Freight One when the company performed the first shipment by using the flat wagons and containers instead of open and covered wagons. The Freight One specialists dispatched 31 flat wagons to Kazakhstan for loading with empty containers. Afterwards, the container train returned to Krasnoyarsk, where it was loaded with lumber and shipped to China via Mongolia. On the returning way, the train carried imported goods from China to Russia.