Slovak Republic: recovery plan for intermodal transport 14/08/21

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The Ministry of Transport sees insufficient support for intermodal transport as a major problem. A recovery plan should help

The Ministry of Transport and Construction of the Slovak Republic has indicated that it is preparing the Concept for the Development of Intermodal Transport and SEZ until 2030, and the concept is currently being finalized.

"The concept discusses the causes of the current situation and also proposes specific solutions based on the best solutions from the EU," said the adviser to the Minister of Transport Mgr. Mgr. Ivan Rudolf. An important solution should also be the provision of state aid to support the transition of freight transport from road to rail, where we, as a country, were inspired by Austria, Germany, but also the Czech Republic.

The Ministry is also working on the preparation of the so-called Start-up state aid for the start-up of continental intermodal transport, support for the purchase of intermodal transport units, as well as assistance for the start-up and implementation of regular continental rail lines for transport. Start-up assistance should be financed from the Recovery and Resilience Plan, where financial resources of EUR 16 million are earmarked for this.

“In the concept, we also propose the so-called regular aid for intermodal transport in order to reduce the cost gap between pure road transport and combined road-rail-road transport. " specified by the Minister's Adviser.

Railway expert Čikovský commented on the insufficient support of railway transport for the international railway magazine It is a disadvantageous labor transport activity, which requires a lot of manipulations in stations and on sidings. Transport companies avoid it. However, if this activity is not provided by any railway undertaking, truck operators will be happy to take over. If the state does not want to risk even greater pressure from carriers on the roads, it must intervene. " stated.

The transfer of a substantial part of truck transport to railways will not only ensure fewer trucks on already congested roads, but will also significantly improve the environment.

In a recent interview, the Vice-President of the Association of Logistics and Forwarding of the Slovak Republic, Ing. Pavol Kužma. According to him, we need to perceive the reduction of road charges not only as an increase in competitiveness vis-à-vis road transport, but above all as a competitiveness vis-à-vis road charges in neighboring countries. "It is necessary to realize that Slovakia is mostly a transit country and therefore the fee for the transport route is very important in the pricing for transit transport. In order to increase the volume of transport by rail, skilled traders in rail transport are needed, and I dare say that we have. ”