Hungary's first BEV truck to do CT road legs 10/02/22

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In pictures, Hungary's first electric container truck

Hungary's first electrically powered container truck rolled out of METRANS 'railway terminal in Csepel on Thursday.

According to the announcement sent to MTI, the environmentally friendly DAF e-truck belongs to the fleet of WIN Capital Kft., A road haulage partner of the METRANS group engaged in container rail transport. With the help of the new electric truck, the completely carbon-neutral form of combined transport of container goods by rail and road will be possible for the first time in Hungary, the announcement wrote in the announcement.

It was reported that the new electric truck has a range of about 200 kilometers even under full load. The on-board charger charges one hundred percent of the batteries in 5 hours with 400 volts of 64 amps direct current, and using a quick charger can reduce the charging time to two hours.

The METRANS Group, a German intermodal subsidiary of Hamburger Hafen und Logistik AG (HHLA), is present in more than ten countries. the cornerstone of its terminal in Zalaegerszeg.

The group's strategic goal is to transport carbon-free, completely climate-friendly goods. As part of its climate protection program, the METRANS Group in 2021 prevented the release of more than 45,000 tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere in one year and replaced it with alternative, environmentally friendly solutions, the statement said.

According to public company data, METRANS Konténer Kft. Achieved sales revenue of HUF 3.77 billion in 2020 after HUF 3.38 billion in the previous year. The company's pre-tax profit amounted to HUF 580.7 million in 2020 after HUF 457.1 million in 2019.