2021 intermodal transport set a historic record in Poland 04/03/22

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Source: https://intermodalnews.pl/2022/03/04/transport-intermodalny-w-polsce-pobil-kolejny-rekord-w-2021-roku/


Intermodal transport in Poland set another record in 2021



Author: Łukasz Kuś 2022/03/04


In 2021, intermodal rail transport transported 26.5 million tons of cargo in Poland. Overall, intermodal transport achieved better results than in 2020, but the growth dynamics was lower than in previous years.

photo by ŁK

The weight of loads carried by intermodal trains was 12% higher than in the previous year. In turn, the transport performance of the intermodal railway amounted to 8.2 million tonne-kilometers, which means an increase by 4% - informed Michał Jaworski, head of the analysis department of the Railway Transport Office during the Intermodal Forum 2022.

The share of intermodal in the rail freight market in terms of weight was 11% and in terms of transport performance - 14.6%. In 2020, this share was 15%, and a slight decrease in the intermodal market share is due to the fact that last year is due to the fact that bulk cargo transport increased, which in 2020 recorded a decrease.

The number of intermodal units transported by trains amounted to 1.66 million and the number of TEUs was 2.672 million. Last year, 23 companies performed intermodal rail transport, while in 2021 it was 7 companies.