UIRR asks for a punctuality benchmark of five minutes 06/04/22

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The International Union for Combined Road-Rail Transport proposes to adapt the punctuality criteria for freight trains to the values ​​that apply to passenger trains. Five minutes would then be taken as a reference.

This emerges from the UIRR's statement on the EU Commission's proposal for a revision of the TEN-T regulation.

Overall, the UIRR welcomes the draft regulation. But it needs to be refined. A major concern of the association is that rail freight traffic is upgraded. A society-oriented cost-benefit analysis should be decisive.

The UIRR also considers the establishment of a traffic information portal to be sensible. It should make it possible to check compliance with quality criteria in freight transport.

The UIRR also suggests defining obligatory connections between the corridors as well as detour options in the event of disruptions.