Cologne – Melzo New In The Combined Transport Network 18/04/22

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260 intermodal trains between Germany and Italy per week – 05/05/2022 – These are the figures given by the German operator Kombiverkehr, Monday to Friday, which would be equivalent to 25 trains per day and per week. meaning ! Since April 25, the Melzo destination, east of Milan, has been added to the Kombiverkehr network with 10 trains, 5 per direction. This demonstrates the importance of crossing the Alps, both in Switzerland and in Austria. "The terminal located approximately 25 kilometers east of Milan is, due to its geographical location, a proven departure and arrival point for the pre- and post-road transport of goods and goods to and from industrial and commercial companies in the Milanese economic area. With a journey time of only 20 hours, we offer carriers the possibility of a fast and environmentally friendly transport chain”, explains Peter Dannewitz, sales manager at Kombiverkehr KG, while pointing out two features of the new offer. For a transport of 25 tonnes of goods, 2.6 tonnes of CO2 are saved in a closed circuit, which represents a saving of more than 80% compared to end-to-end road transport. In addition to containers and swap bodies, it is possible to reserve semi-trailers with the P400 profile. From Cologne-Eifeltor, semi-trailers or containers can change trains to reach Hamburg, the German Baltic Sea ports of Kiel and Lübeck as well as terminals in Denmark and Sweden.