Flemish government gives green light for five-year extension Multimodaal.Vlaanderen 02/05/22

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Source: Flemish government gives green light for five-year extension Multimodaal.Vlaanderen - Multimodal Flanders


Flemish government gives green light for five-year



The Flemish Government has approved the extension of the agreement between the Flemish Region and the non-profit organisation VIL (Flemish innovation cluster for logistics) for Multimodal.Vlaanderen for the period 2022-2027. The advice point Multimodal.Vlaanderen was founded in 2017 with the mission to initiate a mental shift in which companies choose the right mode of transport for each flow of goods. This mission is extended for five years after five years and a positive evaluation.

A good report pays off

Multimodaal.Vlaanderen was founded in 2017 within VIL as an advisory point for multimodal freight transport. Over the past five years, alternatives via water or rail have been elaborated and calculated in detail for more than 500 concrete freight flows. More than 10 million truck kilometres on Flemish roads were transferred to inland shipping or rail.

What's next

Traffic jams are back and the climate objectives are putting further pressure on the transport sector to become greener. "The shift to inland shipping and rail is more necessary than ever. Multimodaal.Vlaanderen continues its work and also lays two new accents for the next period", says Peter Lagey, manager of the advice point. Firstly, extra attention will be paid to cargoes that can be transported by rail, either to and from Flemish seaports, or to and from continental destinations in Eastern and Southern Europe. Secondly, attention will be paid to innovative concepts to make solutions via water and rail more competitive.

VIL thanks the Flemish government and in particular the Flemish Minister for Mobility and Public Works for their trust and calls on all Flemish companies and stakeholders to work together on a mobile and climate-friendly Flanders.


Author: Michele Aerts