Terminals to add capacity along TEN-T, but not sufficient 19/08/22

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Terminals to add capacity along TEN-T, but not sufficient

Freight transport is an essential component of the European Unions economy and the formation of a continent with a unitary and connected infrastructure. A change in the way in which volumes of goods are transported has become a milestone for the entire system that must rely on sustainable modes of transport, which in turn require additional capacity to be able to accommodate the high percentage of road traffic. In addition to the expansion of the infrastructure that must cope with such a modal change, there is a need to provide facilities to receive the goods and distribute them to the two modes of transport that will be the core - railway and inland waterway. In other words, terminals are concerned, which in turn, must be expanded both at the level of the capacity of the existing ones, and as a network. This means an increase in the number of terminals. In addition, the activities of the terminals are carried out by transshipment technologies, which in turn are divided into often or little used, high-performing or less-performing solutions. A report published by the European Commission selects and analyses a series of such technologies and types of loading to highlight the their potential within the TEN-T network.

Author: Pamela Luica