Railway operators call for regulated electricity prices 06/09/22

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Source: https://www.trasportoeuropa.it/notizie/ferrovia/operatori-ferroviari-chiedono-prezzo-regolato-dellelettricita/

(translated from Italian)

Rail operators call for regulated electricity prices

With this in mind, Uirr President Ralf-Charley Schultze states that "the European Commission should specifically propose to the Member States that combined transport players be declared a volatile consumer group that deserves a regulated electricity price. The intermodal freight transport sector should be adequately protected against explosive increases in electricity prices, in view of its excellent performance from a socio-economic point of view'.

The alarm over energy costs is also being raised in rail transport: according to the association of companies Uirr, the price of electricity has risen in Europe by 300% to 1000%, according to the state, and is therefore calling for urgent action, otherwise rail will no longer be able to offer itself as an alternative to lorries, the cost of which has risen by 69% since January 2022. Uirr points out that the problem does not only affect the large railway companies, but also small and medium-sized companies in the intermodal chain.