RCO invests into curtainsider swap bodies 05/04/23

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Source: https://www.railfreight.com/intermodal/2023/04/05/rcg-expands-multimodal-fleet-with-300-new-swap-bodies/


ÖBB Rail Cargo Group (RCG) is investing in 300 new curtainsider swap bodies suitable for use by trains and trucks. According to the Austrian company, this is a response to the market demanding bridging the gap between rail and road transportation.


The 300 new curtainsider swap bodies provide a flexible solution since they are cranable. RCG mentioned that they are “universally loadable, meaning they can be loaded and unloaded from all sides as well as from above” without requiring additional transhipment technologies.

The company also mentioned that the swap bodies will start circulating its transport network within 2023. As for their characteristics, they have an “external length of more than 13 metres (45 ft) and an internal height of more than 2,5 metres”. Additionally, they are suitable for transporting all types of cargo, from chemicals to automotives.

Fully intermodal

With this recent investment, RCG claims it wants to bridge the gap between road and rail transport by providing end-to-end logistics solutions. That being said, many customers, whether industrial sites or warehouses, lack direct access to rail since they do not have their own tracks sidings. This makes it difficult for them to turn to rail logistics.

By providing “end-to-end” solutions, RCG aims to open up intermodal possibilities to shippers and, where possible, implement the combined transport concept with trucks used only for first and last-mile operations. The fact that swap bodies are cranable makes it all the more easier since there is no need for additional investments in horizontal loading technologies.


Author: Nikos Papatolios