Pilot project started. UPS uses rail 22/03/24

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Link: https://www.eurotransport.de/artikel/pilotprojekt-gestartet-ups-nutzt-die-schiene-11237134.html

Author: Franziska Nieß



Pilot project started. UPS uses rail

The CEP service provider UPS is testing rail transport in collaboration with the

logistics service provider Cargobeamer. Where the shipments go and how much

CO2 is saved.


UPS has started a rail and road pilot project with the connection between Domodossola (Italy) and Kaldenkirchen (Germany), which connects the UPS hubs in Herne and Milan. According to its own information, the CEP service provider is working with Cargobeamer, a logistics service provider for the intermodal transport of non-crane semi-trailers.

By switching to rail, around 1,900 kilometers of truck travel and 1.4 tons of CO2 emissions can be saved. Over the entire year, that is more than 350 tons of CO2. “If this German-Italian connection keeps what it promises - which we currently assume - then this connection is a first step towards the further use of rail in our European network for parcel transport,” says Burak Kılıç, Managing Director of UPS Germany, Austria and Switzerland.