Italy: 477 million euros for Rome-Pescara line upgrade 16/04/24

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Italian rail infrastructure manager Rete Ferroviaria Italiana (RFI) has awarded two contracts, which are worth 477 million euros, for upgrades along the Rome-Pescara line. According to RFI, the upgrades will have numerous benefits, among which is the potential growth of freight traffic.


The two contracts concern upgrades between the intermodal hub Interporto D’Abruzzo and Manoppello, as well as Manoppello and Scafa. They are worth 142,7 million euros and 334,9 million euros respectively, together amounting to approximately 477 million euros. RFI awarded the contracts to the companies Salcef and Eteria Consorzio Stabile Scarl.

On the Interporto D’Abruzzo – Manoppello section, the main construction works include a new five kilometre double track and an electrical substation to facilitate the upgrades. It will also feature adaptations to the Manoppello station.

The Manoppello – Scafa section will gain eight kilometres of new double tracks and adaptations to stations in Alanno and Scafa. On both sections, RFI plans to reconstruct roads and crossings to facilitate the upgrades.

Benefits for freight

According to RFI, the upgrades on the Rome – Pescara line will allow for the growth of freight traffic. Currently, travel times between Rome and Pescara are 3 hours and 20 minutes. Upon completion of all the planned works, trains will be able to cover the route in 2 hours, which is 80 minutes faster.

On the route between the Interporto D’Abruzzo hub and Scafa, train capacity will drastically increase. RFI says that four trains can currently pass the section on an hourly basis. After the upgrades, this number will increase to ten trains per hour.


Author: Dennis van der Laan