Intermodal in Poland Conference 12/06/24

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The 4th Edition of the Intermodal in Poland Conference will be held from the 12th to the 14th of June at the Bishop's Castle Hotel in Janów.

Last year nearly 400 participants attended the event in the new formula of the annual international congress. During the congress, leading TSL companies will meet with key partners and will host distinguished experts from home and abroad, representatives of state administration, local government, universities and industry organizations. The strong point of the Congress is its high-level debates and presentations - a diverse group of participants and experts guarantees a comprehensive view of the challenges facing the industry (including the aftereffects of the pandemic, the ongoing war in Ukraine, etc.).

During the three days of the Congress, experiences and possible directions for the development of sustainable and intelligent transportation for the coming years will be exchanged.

Further information and registration details can be found here: Congress Intermodal in Poland - Intermodal In Poland