UIRR Press Release: EU transport policy expectations 11/07/19

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Combined Transport’s EU transport policy expectations (download PDF below)

UIRR and its members welcomed the newly constituted European Parliament Transport and Tourism (TRAN) Committee yesterday with the publication of the document about European transport policy expectations of Road-Rail Combined Transport for the 2019-2024 EU legislative period*.

The voting public expects from the European Union a substantial reduction of air pollution and the effective tackling of the global climate crisis.

This places a unique responsibility on the shoulders of the TRAN Committee as transport is the only sector of the EU economy that has not reduced its CO2 emissions since 1990. Transport-related pollution, the number of road accidents, the high level of congestion and the accelerating road infrastructure degradation also remain persistent problems, which did not improve as would have been expected.

The UIRR paper* mentioned above identifies 13 policy measures to be implemented, which are vitally important to supplement the capacity developments and the productivity boosting investments of the sector to deliver the needed intermodal growth.

The https://www.railfreightforward.eu/ initiative foresees the doubling of rail freight’s market share in the European Union by 2030.  Intermodal freight transport will need to triple its current performance to enable the achievement of this European rail freight ambition.

This tripling of Intermodal Freight volumes would result in a 5% reduction of the total EU transport sector’s CO2 emissions alongside substantial cuts to air and noise pollution, road accidents and traffic congestion, as well as reduced road degradation.

The TRAN Committee of the European Parliament, with Karima Delli as its re-elected chairperson, will play a pivotal role in delivering the needed legislative and policy changes in the field of European transportation.

UIRR remains committed to working with the European Parliament, the European Council of the Member State governments and with the European Commission.  Only through a constructive and coordinated collaboration between the sector and the EU legislative partners we can hope to achieve the shared aim of having an ecologically sustainable, less polluting and less disruptive freight transport that offers efficient and safe services needed to maintain the competitiveness of the European economy.


* http://www.uirr.com/en/media-centre/press-releases-and-position-papers/2019/mediacentre/1233-uirr-roadmap-of-cts-eu-transport-policy-expectations-2019-2014.html

The Press Release can be downloaded as a PDF file below:

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