Election of Dr. János Berényi as vice-chairmanship of the ERA 28/02/07

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On the occasion of the 10th meeting of the Board of Directors of the European Railway Agency (ERA) held in Valenciennes/Lille on 27.02.2007, Michael Harting, from the German Ministry for Transports, was elected to the chairmanship of the Board of Directors and János Berényi to the vice-chairmanship.

Dr Berényi is Chairman of the Hungarian Rail Association, Vice-chairman of the Board of Directors of the UIRR and the current Chairman of INTERUNIT. The freight customers, among them the Combined Transport operators grouped in the UIRR, resolutely support the European Commission’s efforts towards a harmonised European rail market.

Created in 2004, the ERA has just ended its first phase of setting-up. The Agency, which counts nearly 100 collaborators, is supported by a series of working groups consisting of experts of the railway undertakings, the Authorities and the customers working to draw up Directives on railway security and on the interoperability of the rolling stock, the infrastructure, signalling systems as well as operational instructions.

Dr Berényi sees in the European Railway Agency a chance to restore the competitiveness of rail transport in comparison with road. The future of the sector does indeed depend on its resolute support by all the actors of railway transport. The transfer of goods to rail is an efficient instrument leading to a better use of the resources, enabling to fight climate change and to increase the security of transports.

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