Press Release: A priority on the tracks for intermodal freight trains 20/09/22

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A priority on the tracks for intermodal freight trains

The German government decree[1], which declares an absolute priority on the tracks for freight trains carrying coal, oil and other energy products such as LNG, has been followed by a similar decree from Poland[2].

The European intermodal freight transportation sector, operating thousands of Combined Transport trains throughout Europe every day, points out the following regarding these government decisions:

  • As an example, LNG and liquefied hydrogen is often carried in cryogenic tank containers using intermodal trains, thereby many intermodal trains qualify as ‘energy trains’.
  • Door-to-door intermodal transport chains – when directly compared to road–only transport by a Euro 6 truck – use up to 70% less energy[3], which translates to significant diesel fuel savings for Europe, and which effectively transform intermodal freight trains into ‘energy trains’.

Combined Transport serves Europe on the energy front by efficiently and safely transporting natural gas in LNG form, as well as liquefied hydrogen, while also by saving diesel fuel through the carriage of trucked cargo on the longest section of the journey throughout the continent with superior energy efficiency.

Based on the new approach contained in the German and Polish government decrees, every freight train carrying ‘energy products’ should be treated as an ‘energy train’ and be granted the same priority on the tracks.

The continued shift of freight transportation from trucks to freight trains, using intermodal transhipment techniques, is the ultimate interest of Europe.  Whether the task is transporting energy or saving energy, Combined Transport delivers to the security and consumption needs of European citizens and economic actors.


[1] Energiesicherungstransportverordnung - EnSiTrV





“The European Commission should declare a priority for energy carrying and energy saving intermodal freight trains along the entire European railway network, that mirrors the conditions of the German Government Decree published in August and the Polish decree expected any day.” – demanded UIRR President Ralf-Charley Schultze.

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