UIRR-KNV Press release: Digital Exchange of information 07/07/17

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European rail freight moves forward in digital exchange of information

A proposal submitted by a consortium of Combined Transport Operators, together with the International Union for Road-Rail Combined Transport (UIRR) and the Royal Dutch Transport Association (KNV), has been positively evaluated and can count on European Union support for its implementation.

The objective of the project ELETA is to enable and demonstrate the generation and electronic exchange of information on the Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) of intermodal freight trains between all stakeholders of the intermodal transport-chain. The ELETA solution will be demonstrated on 12 existing intermodal shuttle trains operated by the Swiss Hupac, the German Kombiverkehr, the Belgian Lineas Intermodal, the Italian CEMAT and the Austrian Rail Cargo Operator – all members of UIRR.

Digitalisation reduces costs

The consistent availability of reliable information on the ETA of intermodal freight trains is important in particular because it allows more accurate resource planning by the transhipment terminals and the road hauliers performing the entire transport-chain.  The result should be cost savings and simultaneously an improved quality of service, which collectively should enhance the attractiveness and competitiveness of rail freight.

Agreements on exchange of information

Stakeholders in the rail sector and beyond, in the intermodal sphere, agreed on the exchange of information for tracking and tracing of freight trains at the TEN-T conference held in Rotterdam on 21 June 2016. This conference resulted in a  Sector Statement and Ministerial Declaration on boosting European rail freight and Rail Freight Corridors.

The ELETA project is a practical result of the Statement and the Declaration.  ELETA also forms part of the European Union initiative to promote the digital exchange of information in the freight transport sector.  The project will be executed in close cooperation with railway undertakings and rail infrastructure managers in Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain and Switzerland.

EU Member States promote Rail Freight Corridors

The Rail Freight Corridors (RFC’s) form the backbone of long distance rail freight transport along the European TEN-T Network.  EU Member States and the European Commission intensively cooperate on actions to enhance this rail freight focused network and to streamline rail freight operations. The support to be received under the EU’s Connecting Europe Facility for the ELETA project is highly appreciated and of great importance for the entire European rail sector.

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