UIRR press release: New Rules for CT Terminals 10/10/17

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On 28 September 2017, the Single European Railway Area Committee (consisting of Member State Ministry of Transport representatives) adopted the Implementing Act on Access to Service Facilities and Rail-related Services.[1]


The new legislation helps to interpret existing European rules and legal principles to affect the conditions of gaining access to and using the following types of service facilities:

  1. Passenger stations
  2. Freight terminals
  3. Marshalling yards and train formation facilities (shunting facilities)
  4. Storage sidings
  5. Maintenance facilities
  6. Cleaning and washing facilities (+ “other technical facilities”)
  7. Maritime and inland port facilities linked to rail activities
  8. Fueling facilities

Representing the interests of intermodal transport and terminal managers, UIRR closely collaborated with the European Commission Services drafting the Act. The new rules entail the following:

  • Service Facility Description: a document of the facility’s capabilities and technical characteristics, prices and the principles of its discount schemes, as well as the process and deadlines for application to gain access; and
  • Rules and contents of information to publish: available capacity, temporary capacity restrictions and new capacities, the service facility statement and advertisement of unused facilities for lease – which should be made public through the internet and/or the network statement of the main rail infrastructure manager of the area.

The Implementing act will enter into force in 2019.  Duly reasoned applications for exemption from parts of the legislation may be submitted to the national regulatory bodies from 1 January 2019, while the new rules will have to be abided by as of 1 June.


UIRR is convinced that devising harmonised rules of service facilities, including CT terminals, will materially contribute to the emergence of a truly Single European Railway Area, a coinciding desire of the European Commission and the users and operators of railway transport services.  As the industry association of European intermodal freight transport, UIRR is actively assisting its terminal operating members to come into compliance with the new rules by the deadline and in the most efficient way.



[1] The Implementing Act falls under the Single European Railway Area Directive (2012/34)

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