UIRR Position Paper - CT Directive 92/106 - Council position and trialogue 08/01/19

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Amendment of the CT Directive 92/106 -

the sector proposal to the trialogue negotiators


In this paper the European Combined Transport sector, represented by its industry association UIRR, suggests solutions to the trialogue negotiations between the Commission, the European Parliament and the European Council.

The three European co-legislators will begin their trialogue negotiations in the next days to come to a common agreement regarding the amendment of the 27-year-old Combined Transport Directive. The challenge is to reach an agreement within a month’s time in order for the European Parliament to take a plenary vote before the European elections of May 2019.

As 80% of Combined Transport within the European Union is performed on cross-border relations, the amendment should strengthen the commitment to set European rules for an activity that dominantly occurs within the common market.  Member States already recognised this more than 40 years ago when adopting the first Directive 1975/130 on Combined Transport.


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