Board of Directors

The General Assembly elects the Board of Directors of UIRR every three years. UIRR’s presently sitting Board of Directors was elected in May 2015; consequently its mandate will expire in May 2017.

The members of the Board are:

Ralf-Charley SCHULTZE, Chairman

Marco GOSSO (Cemat) - Vice Chairman

Ben BEIRNAERT (Combinant)

Robert BREUHAHN (Kombiverkehr)

René DANCET (RAlpin)

Peter HOWALD (Hupac)

Rok SVETEK (Adria Kombi)

(from left to right: Robert Breuhahn, Ben Beirnaert, René Dancet, Ralf-Charley Schultze, Marco Gosso, Peter Howald, Rok Svetek)

With the exception of the Chairman of the Board, who is required to be a recognised personality in the transport sector, all other members must come from member companies where they should at least serve as a managing director. Every member of the Board of Directors must be proposed to the Board of Directors by at least one UIRR member company.