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Kick-off year : 2004 Title : Brenner Rail Freight Action Strategy Aimed At Achieving A Sustainable Increase Of Intermodal Transport Volume By Enhancing Quality, Efficiency And System Technologies Programme : 6th Framework Program Status : Completed Link :

BRAVO, a consortium of 15 partners, has been set up to develop and demonstrate a Brenner Corridor Action Strategy in order to lay foundations for achieving a significant and sustainable increase in intermodal transport volume on this corridor. This strategy is also designed as a blueprint applicable to other pan-European freight corridors.

The research activities of the BRAVO project are composed of the following scientific and technological objectives:

  • Development of a coherent corridor management scheme enabling open access and (ajouter efficient) train path allocation
  • Blueprint for an interoperable rail traction scheme involving multi-current and radio-controlled locomotives
  • Development of an EDP-supported quality management system- Development of an advanced customer information system generating estimated-time-of-availability information
  • Scheme on extended & innovative intermodal services
  • Prototype of an innovative intermodal technology to capture conventional semi-trailers for unaccompanied intermodal transport

The BRAVO project will also include 6 demonstration activities validating the research results:

  • Radio-controlled pushing locomotive
  • Interoperable through-rail traction scheme
  • Quality management system (QMS)
  • Pilot of “estimated-time-of-availability” system
  • Full-scale demonstration of an innovative pocket wagon technology
  • New concept for unaccompanied CT of conventional semi-trailers.
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